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TargetedEmail List


Now This Time Email Marketing are Best Way for targeted audience

If any business person or company want to start to advertise their own company products or something, then email list is the best way. By sending the email to targeted audience they can advertise their products easily and it’s money saving way and more effective. I will collect your targeted email list.
So You Get more response from client.


Why You Need This?


What You Get

Collect any targeted bulk email list.
Collect targeted personal or Corporate business email list.
Generate any kind of lead and email list must be valid.
Collect any targeted area and niche based email list.
Collect LinkedIn B2B email.
100% verified valid email list.
100% Satisfaction guaranteed.

Here is the Package


collect targeted email list

for your business

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$ 20
  • Email List 1,000
  • 5 Days Delivery
  • Done By Manually
  • 100% Verified


$ 40
  • Email List 2,000
  • 8 Days Delivery
  • Done By Manually
  • 100% Verified


$ 75
  • Email List 4,000
  • 12 Days Delivery
  • Done By Manually
  • 100% Verified

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